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With a fashion photographer

The fashion industry has a long-standing relationship with photography. Both crafts have always evolved side by side to deliver, through pictures, the most authentic experiences.

If one considers fashion to be about the creation of beauty and elegance, fashion photography’s mission is to showcase these aesthetic creations in the perfect light.
Is beauty a central part of your work?
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The fashion photographer: styling with pictures

Our photographers and videographers are blessed with a myriad of perspectives and experiences. Which in turn allows us to answer the specific requirements of every project.

Made up by:

Alexandre Mourreau
Florent Poncelet
Vladimir Fabre
Arnaud Mathier
Julien Petry
Tarek Sursock

Our agency’s decades of cumulative experience are poured into each fashion photography project.

From Fashion TV to Eyes Magazine, from Agent Provocateur to Edwardson Eyewear, from 24KIDS to Golden Dreams, there are tens of established brands from the fashion and luxury industries that partner with Future Photography.
Are you launching a new collection?
Are you looking for the ideal magazine cover?
Are you looking to capture your whole style and identity through fashion photography?
We rise to the challenge every time.

Give a makeover to your communication with the right fashion photographer

Future Photography is a treasure trove of artistic inspiration and state of the art visual arts techniques. Trusting our agency means you’re getting exceptional visual universes that truly represent the elegance and prestige of your brand, your creations and yourself.

Highlight, with confidence, the sophistication and beauty of a model;
Promote models or a model agency;
Successfully launch a new fashion piece, accessory or collection;
Develop the exposure and visual impact of y our brand and its products;
Paint a full picture of yourself, your brand and the creators who make it prosper;
Raise awareness of your new products and the biggest wins of your brand;

No medium other than picture can better translate the whole aesthetic of fashion pieces and the models who wear them. Whether you need to create a portfolio, illustrate a new ready-to-wear or luxury collection, the visual imagery is your first salesperson. This is a simple fact Future Photography’s partners understand perfectly.

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